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Journey 7 Day 39 – Gratitude ends…. or does it!?

My Journey into/exploring/living out Gratitude is almost at its end. Its been good to get into a discipline of exploring and seeking to be genuinely grateful and develop an attitude of gratitude! This article shows how possible it can be to be proactive about taking on a helpful/healthy ‘habit’ or rhythm.

I am aware and keen to embrace life in all its fullness. That sometimes, gratitude can be insincere, unrealistic and forced. But I am also challenged and inspired that even in the midst of times where gratitude seems hard or unrealistic, there is actually always something to be thankful for!

Now I’m not intending to push hard into the role and realm of eternal optimist. My life and circumstances around me say to me that this is not always possible.

However this gratitude journey has been massively enhanced by a thing I have become part of on twitter called ‘thankyoutoday #thankyoutoday . Doing gratitude as a rhythm and a part of a wider community is excellent, genuine and really encouraging and uplifting.

This is not intended just for the selected few, but the idea is that we share it, spread it and subtly change culture! If you’re reading this and want to get involved, it really couldn’t be easier!

Step 1: Follow @thankyou_today on twitter
Step 2: Start tweeting regularly using the hashtag #thankyoutoday. You can tweet as often as you like; daily / weekly / monthly.

#thankyoutoday is not prescriptive, so make it what you would find most helpful in developing a habit. #thankyoutoday for more people who want to invest in thankfulness. Excited for how this will change us!

So my Gratitude journey is NOT ending but in fact only really just beginning

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Journey 7 Day 20 – Simplicity

I’m very aware that I can (and often do) make life and all that it is more complex than it needs to be or indeed should be! Perhaps even that first sentence, and come to think of it, this sentence also show that! Are you still reading?

At times, life is complex, confusing, disorientating and warrants questions, discontent, and the like.

However that’s literally for another day as today I am simply grateful

– For the food I have eaten

– For the Family and Friends I have shared the day with

– For the joy of eating curry in Urban West London with great friends and the joy of retreating to the countryside this afternoon

– For laughter

– For great conversation

– For great teaching

– For great Music

– For so much

– For the start of a movement on twitter to say #thankyoutoday @thankyou_today

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Journey 7 Day 17

In the film American Beauty, Lester, a grumpy middle-aged man, has an epiphany following his mid-life crisis, and begins, at last, to appreciate the nature of beauty, and beautiful times: 

“Sometimes I feel like … it’s too much,” he reflects. “My heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst. And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain, and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every moment of my stupid little life.”

I’m not having a mid life crisis but I think of late I have had a bit of a crisis/critical set of moments that have caused me to think, reflect and make me want to seek to live a fuller, more meaningful, fulfilled and good life. To choose good, to choose hope and positivity over the feeling of living in the mundane.

The Summer of amazing Olympics and Paralympics have unlocked something. Personally and also in terms of community, relationships and society. The wave and the high may not be sustainable, but is the legacy?

All good things have a season and must come to an end. Brian Draper’s recent thought for the day reflects that. However its how we come out of the good times and use these as a catalyst or springboard for continuing the good.

Adam Hills ‘The Last Leg’ was a superb and key experience for me. Combining passion, appreciation, depth and comedy it was a great mix of the stuff of life and made the paralympics for me!

Continuing in an attitude of gratitude, exploring possibilities and taking some initiative seems like a great thing. To live life in all its fullness and to value people and situations is a good springboard for growth and gratitude, simple but important!

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Journey 7 Day 5 – Gamesmakers

I’m coming to the end of my first week of my ‘Gratitude’ Journey. I have lots to be grateful and thankful for already. However I am bubbling over with Gratitude today after our Paralympic day out at Eton Dorney.

Having the opportunity to go to these events in itself is amazing. Going, with an injury (and on crutches) and getting the welcome, support and help that I did was brilliant.

From stepping out at Slough Station to the courtesy mini bus, the friendly welcomes and help, the guided en route tour of Eton and Eton College, all so good. Advice, humour, support and so much. As well as transport and scooters and special treatment. Just Fantastic. So thankful and so grateful to these amazing people who made this such a brilliant day.

Thank you Gamesmakers, you absolutely and completely made this a great experience.


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Journey 7: Gratitude – Day 1

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. John F Kennedy

And so my latest journey begins. Gratitude. Its an attitude and state of being that I aspire to model and live in. I sometimes do it sucessfully, but in all honesty, I do it rarely. Despite being open, relaxed and in many ways content I am all to aware of my shortfalls. Comparing myself to others rather than being Grateful for who I am. Coveting more stuff and more full stop rather than being Grateful for what I already have, which when I put it into perspective is a lot!

Contentment and Gratitude are things that I don’t always seek or easily model and live out.

In some ways I am glad about this. Restlessness, discontent and striving for better can be good things. I certainly struggle with the idea of being content, complacent and comfortable. However sometimes those things are good, right and I do yearn for them! Gratitude as a way of being seems to significantly increase happiness and well being. There is something wonderful about appreciating people, family, a moment, circumstances and life.

I’m aware that Gratitude is not something that is possible or indeed right in all circumstances. The importance of honesty and recognising that there is a time for discontent, frustration and complaint is right and valid and important.

However there is also a valuable importance to grasping gratitude and living out of that attitude in the every day.

For me the gratitude that I have so often witnessed when Travelling to Kenya, India and Malawi to visit and work with Tearfund partners is very humbling and inspiring. It puts a lot into perspective when people who have relatively little can be so grateful, generous and hospitable with so little.

I want this journey to enable me to grow in contentment, thankfulness, gratitude and to say that what I have in my life is good and to be appreciated much more.

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