20 Dec

Brilliant Blog post on the beauty and need for distraction and deep rest

Love Restores.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 16.44.16

I live a high proportion of my life distracted by stuff.

I’m distracted by the glorification of busyness and the thrill of achievements, by the adrenaline of the current challenges I face or the latest drama I’ve entered into, by the allure of what could be, often passing by the reality of what already is. I’m distracted by the promise of satisfaction when I finally get “there”…wherever “there” may be.

It has been a very long and busy year yet it has passed by in a flash – I wonder how many of you can echo that as you look back on 2012.

There’s a striving that occurs in life that allows little time for rest these days. Not the rest that is found sitting around doing nothing, chilling out on the beach or taking a break, but a deeper rest, a rest from all of the striving and self-justification…

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