Journey 9 Day 16: Advent (urous)

01 Dec

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Today sees the amazing looking event by Greenbelt called Adventurous, At the beginning of the Advent season I am so hungry for a sense of renewal and restoration of my soul, society,church, economy and for my relationships. Its not that its all bad, far from it in many senses. I have a huge deal to be thankful for as I continue on this journey of gratitude and celebration.

However I also know that since the onset of my ankle injury and in the months proceeding I have also been wrestling, things have been stirring, questions that keep emerging.

This wrestling but also this sense of hope was brought to a head this week when I went to hear Brian McLaren speak at St Pauls on the theme of ‘A New Kind of Christianity‘. It was a profound and brilliant talk and Q+A session around the 10 key themes/questions that he raises in his book of the same title. It was a sense of celebration as some major lightbulbs came on for me and it was great to genuinely explore some of these themes in this way and also with friends afterwards. The talk and the book are going to be things that I return to as they seem so significant in so many areas of life, faith, work and relationships and what it means to be human and what my faith means to me in its outworking.

Its not all been wrestling though, The celebrations post Thanksgiving have also continued with friends and family. Highlights for me have included the incredible Ben Howard gig at Brixton Academy, A Great Day of Feasting and celebration and reunion with friends and a great conference with lots of great conversations and new contacts called How is my Neighbour

I am also looking forward this week  to the season of Advent, following a journey with e-help and inspiration from Brian Draper and meeting in a small community to pray and reflect. This week will also see a visit to The West End and a Christmas Meal which should all be fantastic celebrations.

A good friend of mine challenged me a few months back on just how adventurous my life and faith were. I think the space of being able to take these journeys, embrace questions and embrace celebration are at least a start or a step in the right direction. I hope that this Advent and as this season of journeying in these themes nears its conclusion that I will look back and see 2012 as a year of great adventurousness!


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One response to “Journey 9 Day 16: Advent (urous)

  1. Michael Snow

    December 3, 2012 at 3:38 am

    As we truly celebrate with thanksgiving and are renewed in our spirits, may we reflect His Advent, being His lights to the world around us.


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