Journey 8 Day 13: Hospitality: Cornish Style

19 Oct

I have just returned to London having spent time in Cornwall. I was with colleagues visiting 2 of Tearfund’s UK Partner organisations DISC in Camborne and Greenbank Care in Liskeard with the aim of filming case studies of their amazing work and to contribute to a project called 10 Keys for Impact.

Its fair to say that it has been an inspiring, humbling and incredible few days. We have had the privilege of hearing some great stories of impact and transformation and of being in the company of great and inspiring people.

Earlier today I reblogged a post on receiving generosity and the importance of being able to receive from others, listen to others and celebrate others as well as being able to do this for others. For me, the trip to Cornwall really made this a reality. Spending time with people, in churches and in people’s homes we were offered so much hospitality and genuine warmth and care. It made me realise afresh how good it is to receive as well as to give. That both are important. Both are legitimate. Both are vital for a truly good and full life. We need to use both to enable us to both give and receive.

Cornwall (with good reason) is often know as a great place to go on Holiday. This is indeed true. It is perhaps less well known for its poverty, inequality and the challenges it faces in regard to this. This trip provided some real insights into this reality. However I will remember it most and be most inspired by the incredible generosity and hospitality we were shown by some incredible people. For the amazing stories of transformation that have and are taking place in people through great hospitality and genuine care.



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Posted by on October 19, 2012 in Food, Generosity, Journey 8


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