Journey 7 Day 39 – Gratitude ends…. or does it!?

05 Oct

My Journey into/exploring/living out Gratitude is almost at its end. Its been good to get into a discipline of exploring and seeking to be genuinely grateful and develop an attitude of gratitude! This article shows how possible it can be to be proactive about taking on a helpful/healthy ‘habit’ or rhythm.

I am aware and keen to embrace life in all its fullness. That sometimes, gratitude can be insincere, unrealistic and forced. But I am also challenged and inspired that even in the midst of times where gratitude seems hard or unrealistic, there is actually always something to be thankful for!

Now I’m not intending to push hard into the role and realm of eternal optimist. My life and circumstances around me say to me that this is not always possible.

However this gratitude journey has been massively enhanced by a thing I have become part of on twitter called ‘thankyoutoday #thankyoutoday . Doing gratitude as a rhythm and a part of a wider community is excellent, genuine and really encouraging and uplifting.

This is not intended just for the selected few, but the idea is that we share it, spread it and subtly change culture! If you’re reading this and want to get involved, it really couldn’t be easier!

Step 1: Follow @thankyou_today on twitter
Step 2: Start tweeting regularly using the hashtag #thankyoutoday. You can tweet as often as you like; daily / weekly / monthly.

#thankyoutoday is not prescriptive, so make it what you would find most helpful in developing a habit. #thankyoutoday for more people who want to invest in thankfulness. Excited for how this will change us!

So my Gratitude journey is NOT ending but in fact only really just beginning

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