Journey 7 Day 34 – Wonderful World

01 Oct

I was introduced to this wonderful film today in the context of both cherishing and caring for Creation.

I am mindful of just how many things I am thankful for and how many things I can say thank you for.

Its been great to become a part of this great community called Thank You Today.

This is a collection of people who are seeking to develop a habit of thankfulness and positivity. Some of us know each other, some of us don’t but the thing that unites us is a desire to see a world that looks for the good, cherishes it and celebrates it.

This is not intended just for the selected few, but the idea is that we share it, spread it and subtly change culture! If you’re reading this and want to get involved, it really couldn’t be easier!

Step 1: Follow @thankyou_today on Twitter
Step 2: Start tweeting regularly using the hashtag #thankyoutoday. You can tweet as often as you like; daily / weekly / monthly.

#thankyoutoday is not prescriptive, so make it what you would find most helpful in developing a habit. #thankyoutoday for more people who want to invest in thankfulness. Excited for how this will change us!

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