Journey 7 Day 28 – Fruit and Good Things

24 Sep

I am continuing to love the organic growth of the @thankyou_today #thankyoutoday movement and intentional community on Twitter. Its so inspiring and so great to be part of this movement. Its such a good thing to be able to get into a rhythm of gratitude and to share that and also hear from others and be thankful for their thankfulness!

Its amazing to know and be reminded that there is so much good going on in the world. I am inspired and encouraged by a colleague and friend who has a great blog called ‘The Good Stuff‘  which celebrates stories of goodness and hope in a local and global way.

I’m thankful for so many friendships and people who inspire me and are working at making the world a better place. Its part of the unfolding story of renewal and recreation, part of the kingdom of God and part of the movement of a good and loving God who cares about the now, the present and the future. 

This week I am heading to a conference that is gathering together loads of great ‘movements’ who are making a great impact for good in the UK. Organisations like Hope Corner, Beyond the Streets, Refugee Support Network and Reachin Higher. Movements that to me highlight the love and relevance of the Church and the Message of God being good and relevant today. 

At the weekend My wife Hazel did a great food and cooking demonstration at Minet Country Park. It was great to gather, learn, pick fruit and celebrate all that is good. The Park in itself is a great story of Transformation, Hope and Recreation! 

There is so much good and so much stuff that is bearing good fruit! We need to stop and recognise that and celebrate that before we again face into the ongoing challenges and needs of the world both locally and globally. 


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