Journey 7 Day 20 – Simplicity

16 Sep

I’m very aware that I can (and often do) make life and all that it is more complex than it needs to be or indeed should be! Perhaps even that first sentence, and come to think of it, this sentence also show that! Are you still reading?

At times, life is complex, confusing, disorientating and warrants questions, discontent, and the like.

However that’s literally for another day as today I am simply grateful

– For the food I have eaten

– For the Family and Friends I have shared the day with

– For the joy of eating curry in Urban West London with great friends and the joy of retreating to the countryside this afternoon

– For laughter

– For great conversation

– For great teaching

– For great Music

– For so much

– For the start of a movement on twitter to say #thankyoutoday @thankyou_today

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Posted by on September 16, 2012 in Journey 7


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