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Journey 7 Day 28 – Fruit and Good Things

I am continuing to love the organic growth of the @thankyou_today #thankyoutoday movement and intentional community on Twitter. Its so inspiring and so great to be part of this movement. Its such a good thing to be able to get into a rhythm of gratitude and to share that and also hear from others and be thankful for their thankfulness!

Its amazing to know and be reminded that there is so much good going on in the world. I am inspired and encouraged by a colleague and friend who has a great blog called ‘The Good Stuff‘  which celebrates stories of goodness and hope in a local and global way.

I’m thankful for so many friendships and people who inspire me and are working at making the world a better place. Its part of the unfolding story of renewal and recreation, part of the kingdom of God and part of the movement of a good and loving God who cares about the now, the present and the future. 

This week I am heading to a conference that is gathering together loads of great ‘movements’ who are making a great impact for good in the UK. Organisations like Hope Corner, Beyond the Streets, Refugee Support Network and Reachin Higher. Movements that to me highlight the love and relevance of the Church and the Message of God being good and relevant today. 

At the weekend My wife Hazel did a great food and cooking demonstration at Minet Country Park. It was great to gather, learn, pick fruit and celebrate all that is good. The Park in itself is a great story of Transformation, Hope and Recreation! 

There is so much good and so much stuff that is bearing good fruit! We need to stop and recognise that and celebrate that before we again face into the ongoing challenges and needs of the world both locally and globally. 


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Great Piece of Writing on Overcoming Fear
Reminds me as well of a Great Rob Bell Talk from Greenbelt 2009

Matthew's Journal

The other day a good friend of mine and of Tearfund’s – Alphonso Wieland – shared a very thought-provoking reflection on Luke 5:1-11. In the passage the fisherman are failing to catch any fish in spite of their best efforts. Alphonso observed that we often find ourselves in similar circumstances – we’re doing all we can, not seeing any obvious results, and not feeling up to the task, and weighed down by it all.

He then showed us a TED talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert who shot to fame a few years ago after writing a surprise International best seller – “Eat, Pray, Love”. I have not read the book: it’s a memoir in which she recounts her own battle with divorce, depression, heartbreak and journey to a fuller, flourishing life.

Having written this best seller, Gilbert found people would regularly come up to her and ask this question: “Aren’t…

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Great Post about Humility

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Journey 7 Day 21 – #thankyoutoday



I have hit the half way stage of my journey into gratitude. Today I am grateful to have joined a great new community and initiative called Thank You Today. The inspiration for the idea came from a wonderful person who has been living in gratitude and marking it since the start of 2012. 

They have written a helpful blog to explain more about it and to encourage more people to get involved

This is not intended just for the selected few, but the idea is that we share it, spread it and subtly change culture! If you’re reading this and want to get involved, it really couldn’t be easier! Twitter away we go!!
Step 1: Follow @thankyou_today
Step 2: Start tweeting regularly using the hashtag #thankyoutoday. You can tweet as often as you like; daily / weekly / monthly. #thankyoutoday is not prescriptive, so make it what you would find most helpful in developing a habit.

#thankyoutoday for more people who want to invest in thankfulness. Excited for how this will change us!

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Journey 7 Day 20 – Simplicity

I’m very aware that I can (and often do) make life and all that it is more complex than it needs to be or indeed should be! Perhaps even that first sentence, and come to think of it, this sentence also show that! Are you still reading?

At times, life is complex, confusing, disorientating and warrants questions, discontent, and the like.

However that’s literally for another day as today I am simply grateful

– For the food I have eaten

– For the Family and Friends I have shared the day with

– For the joy of eating curry in Urban West London with great friends and the joy of retreating to the countryside this afternoon

– For laughter

– For great conversation

– For great teaching

– For great Music

– For so much

– For the start of a movement on twitter to say #thankyoutoday @thankyou_today

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Journey 7 Day 17

In the film American Beauty, Lester, a grumpy middle-aged man, has an epiphany following his mid-life crisis, and begins, at last, to appreciate the nature of beauty, and beautiful times: 

“Sometimes I feel like … it’s too much,” he reflects. “My heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst. And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain, and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every moment of my stupid little life.”

I’m not having a mid life crisis but I think of late I have had a bit of a crisis/critical set of moments that have caused me to think, reflect and make me want to seek to live a fuller, more meaningful, fulfilled and good life. To choose good, to choose hope and positivity over the feeling of living in the mundane.

The Summer of amazing Olympics and Paralympics have unlocked something. Personally and also in terms of community, relationships and society. The wave and the high may not be sustainable, but is the legacy?

All good things have a season and must come to an end. Brian Draper’s recent thought for the day reflects that. However its how we come out of the good times and use these as a catalyst or springboard for continuing the good.

Adam Hills ‘The Last Leg’ was a superb and key experience for me. Combining passion, appreciation, depth and comedy it was a great mix of the stuff of life and made the paralympics for me!

Continuing in an attitude of gratitude, exploring possibilities and taking some initiative seems like a great thing. To live life in all its fullness and to value people and situations is a good springboard for growth and gratitude, simple but important!

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Journey 5 Day 10 – Thankful

I think its fair to say that the Summer of 2012 is one that will be remembered and celebrated for life and all of history! I am very thankful and grateful for the amazing opportunity to have been part of the Olympics and Paralympics. So many memories and moments and moments of inspiration!

I am so thankful I get to end the Summer by going to the Stadium, Park and Basketball Finals this weekend. So thankful that I have also healed and that my achilles is recovering so well.


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