Journey 6 Day 37 – Courage and Compassion – What a Combination

24 Aug
Courage and Compassion together are a truly wonderful and very powerful combination. I want to acknowledge the courage and compassion of a handful of great organisations that I have been finding out about this week. Organisations and mini movements that are providing hope. People who had courage and compassion to start something and make a positive difference.
Its making me ask myself some questions. Where is my courage and compassion? What could I do to be demonstrating a greater degree of courage and compassion?
Massive respect and appreciation go out to these amazing initiatives. The Church is alive and at its best in these sorts of ways. Its inspiring, will it inspire courage and compassion and creativity in me?
Refugee Support Network
Reachin Higher
Camborne Parish Church – Cornwall (DISC)
Wadebridge Community Church – N Cornwall
The Sanctuary, Newport, Wales
NetworkFour, Birmingham
Memorial Community Church, East London
Hope into Action – Peterborough
Love Streatham – S London
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Posted by on August 24, 2012 in Courage, Journey 6


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