Journey 6 Day 23 – Courage Is……

10 Aug

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” Ambrose Redmoon

I am very thankful to the wonderful Jenny Flannagan for writing such a great blog on courage. She is currently performing at the Edinburgh Festival with the brilliant Ruby Dolls. Her blog is brilliant and speaks so much of the art, need and importance of courage. The stories and the singing in the blog speak of great courage. Just Brilliant.

The Olympics continue to dazzle, wow and amaze me! So many great stories of courage. I was especially impressed by the amazing story of courage the BBC highlighted from 1968 just minutes before the Bolt/Blake show! Its stories like these that highlight the transcendent and epic wonder that is the Olympics!

Having ruptured my achilles tendon in June I was also so impressed by the courage and absolute determination of Alastair Brownlee. He injured his Achilles tendon earlier this year but still took Gold this week in the Men’s Triathlon. Stunning! There are so many great stories of Olympic courage.

And of course there is the amazing story of Manteo Mitchell who broke his leg during the 4x400m relay and continued to run to enable the team to qualify!

For me its also about making courageous decisions every day, small little steps, that enable greater achievement, healing and impact through little acts of courage. Tough Love and speaking the truth in Love, but also listening to it and receiving it are not easy things. However it seems they are important and necessary to enable us to overcome fear and live more fully in a place of freedom and of who we are and want to be rather than what is expected of us!

Help me to live with more courage, or at least with more of a desire to be bold, even in the midst of fear, doubt and anxiety!

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