Journey 6 Day 5 – Rediscovering Wonder (and courage)

23 Jul

The above film is Rob Bell’s latest offering on rediscovering wonder. Its usual mix of creativity, beauty and provoking questions and ‘rediscovery’ is its usual brilliance. Its going to be interesting to see what direction things take post Mars Hill! I have to admire his courage and the courage to write, create and leave a successful church for a new (ad) venture!

I am still wrestling with what it might mean to be courageous on this latest journey. My friend Calum spoke at church on Sunday on the passage of the feeding of the five thousand. He challenged us to think about the way that Jesus discipled. He took risks. Yes he invested in a rag tag bunch of young men (perhaps a risk in itself) but he didn’t play it safe. Have I become far to safe and protective of a way of life that I have come to cherish? Am I really open to the idea of risk, discovery, challenge and uncertainty?

Calum shared some great stories of courage and risk taking, including that of Iqbal Masih. I love the fact that once free Iqbal celebrated and then sought to bring freedom for others. Amazing courage and risk!

I recently watched one of my all time favourite films, Good Will Hunting. Its brilliant on so many levels. What I love about it is the fight that is going on in Will the main character and his eventual sense of release and taking the risk to leave what he knows well, to ‘put his hand in’ and pursue an adventure beyond his comfort zone and small town life.

Where is it that we can be more courageous? Speaking up for those who do not have a voice? Speaking the truth to a friend, family member of colleague? Taking up something that will bring good and joy rather than thinking it will just fail? Not just settling for how things are at the moment and seeking to play a part in transforming something? Being willing to take some time out to listen? Living more and more out of our true identity and character rather than out of fear and compromise?

The simplicity and yet profound outcome of the feeding of the 5,000 highlights to me that we all have things that God has given to us. Are we willing to offer that back and grasp hold of the opportunity we have by the grace of God to play a part in building his kingdom now, hear on earth?

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