Journey 5 Day 39 and 40 – Ending the Journey, A Summary

17 Jul

My journey of contemplation is at its end. Its been eventful, especially the Achilles tendon rupture, challenging, revealing and also refreshing. My injury is certainly a more extreme way of getting myself to slow down more, rest more, reflect and dwell.

The journey has been massively helped and enriched by a whole range of great people and resources.

  • I have loved being able to meet for daily prayer (morning and evening) with great friends and colleagues. To share times of prayer from various strands and streams of church and Christian spirituality. It makes such a difference to the day and the perspective that you take.
  • Henri Nouwen’s simply amazing book The Return of the prodigal son has had a profound impact upon me and enabled me afresh to recognise my weaknesses and failings as well as rooting myself more in my true identity. Its been a really helpful and challenging read. Recognising the aspects of how I can be the younger and also older son and yet also to receive the embrace of the Father has been profound.
  • Taking time out to look back over the past year and reflect on learning and growth and the journey I have been on was so important. Thanks to Julie, fellow course buddies and my mentor for enabling this.
  • My friend Simon Jones for those great conversations, resources and use of an urban prayer retreat. It kick started my journey so well. Many Thanks Si!
  • Lots of great conversations, resources, articles and being able to connect with some great people. Thanks for the new introductions as well as existing friends and family spurring me on!

Having taken time out to reflect, pray, read and dwell I am feeling energised and challenged to take the step into my next journey, the journey of courageousness! My mobility will obviously limit me to a degree and so that bungee jump or sky dive will have to wait! I am however looking forward to acting more courageously as its arguably well overdue! I’ve stayed in my comfort zone for to long and need to take some intentional steps to wade out of some of that in numerous areas of my life.


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