Journey 5 Day 16 – Welcomed

25 Jun

I have just returned from a very special weekend away with my church at Ashburnham place. Truly wonderful in so many ways. The theme of the weekend was ‘Welcome’ and it included the theme of how we are welcomed by God. The passage of the Son and The Father (Luke 15) was used to highlight the lavish, outrageous and amazing welcome we are entitled to receive by God. A recurring theme from my readings in Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey and The Return of the Prodigal Son.

To know that welcome, to fully receive it, live in it, live out of that place and to do so with true generosity, gratitude, awe, wonder and acceptance is a profound, freeing and beautiful thing.

Its also beautiful (and very hard) to really know that and live out of that place, but so so important!

Looking forward to discovering more of that this week and beyond!

Today has been a hectic day after the oasis of the weekend but it was so great to be welcomed to Evening Liturgical prayer at 5pm and then also to a great meeting in the evening to be able to explore lots in terms of God being at work in and through his church in Southall. A real couple of oasis moments in the midst of a busy, messy, buzzy and odd kind of day.

Thank you God for the welcome you give to us and the way you use others to bless and welcome us

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Posted by on June 25, 2012 in Generosity, Humility, Journey 5


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