Journey 5 – Day 10 – Questions

18 Jun

It might come as a surprise to some people who know me, but perhaps not to others…. I love questions!

I love the great questions that my children ask that highlight a great hunger to learn about themselves, life and the world. There is something about the innocence and the why questions that are so brilliant.

I love the programme Question Time. The opportunity to open the floor to the public to explore the issues of the day with our leaders and politicians.

I love really good interviews and one to one chats that offer real insight into a person and a stage in history.

I love receiving my monthly copy of Third Way Magazine and the great interviews they have each month with some really interesting people. I also love the fact that my leadership team at work offer themselves on a regular basis to run a session where they can be asked questions. They do this for accountability and to enable a sense of being connected. The sessions achieve this and also for me they inspire ideas, vision and creativity, which is so important.

Asking questions makes us human and its also something that Jesus did a great deal. Conrad Gempf’s brilliant book called Jesus Asked shows us the Jesus who asks questions and uses questions really creatively and perceptively. Questions can be there to find out information, to offer support and much more besides, there is both an intellectual and emotional dimension to questions and both are great.

In this season/journey of exploration and contemplation I am keen to ask questions, to explore, to wrestle with things as well as to reflect on statements of truth and certainty.

I’m also mindful however of the need to have questions answered. A former lecturer said that questions are good and really important, But left to long and they become stale and life draining. Sometimes answers are important, to then propel us to the next set of questions!

I’m wrestling with lots of questions at the moment around how to live honestly and with integrity? How to keep wrestling with the idea of what it means to be a whole life disciple? How can I be a great employee and also a great Husband and Father? Am I doing to much or to little? What are my real gifts and strengths? What am I really passionate about? How can I live more and more in a way that makes me come and feel alive in my relationships, work and life as a whole? Am I in anyway living life in all its fullness (John 10:10)?

I’m also wrestling with a set more more personal and emotional questions that are more private. I hope to get some answers but I know that sometimes it will take time or that the answers may not come. Lament and questioning things are so important and sometimes the freedom and clarity only arrive after a long time.

I am enjoying the chance to contemplate and explore. To find some answers but also to keep some things in tension and very much unresolved. I enjoy the journey far more than the destination and like wrestling, exploring and asking questions. Its part of who I am and part of what it means to be human and its brilliant!

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