Journey 5 – Day 9 – Creating Space

17 Jun

Less is More seems to be a key message and experience not only for this journey but my journey overall in 2012. I’ve enjoyed a week of my birthday, time off, a wedding and some work and I’ve really sought hard to be fully present at each event. What has also been great is approaching all of these things with fresh eyes, a fresh heart and a fresh and renewed knowledge of who I am and my identity.

I’m looking forward to starting 4 weeks of contemplative prayer with some colleagues. We ‘experimented’ for a week a few weeks ago and combining Anglican, Iona, Benedictine and many other ‘expressions’ of prayer proved to be a real insight into the vast riches of prayer in various forms.

I also have the joys of a weekend at Ashburnham coming up as well as my retreat and a trip to the Urban Retreat as well. Its a seasonm of seeking, reflecting and going deep!

I am really enjoying the intentionality of creating space to pray, to reflect and am definitely beginning to find a rhythm to it as well as a fresh joy and opportunity.

Its great to create space in a variety of ways…. in a quite room, driving, walking or elsewhere just as it is also great to be with people and have quality time. I’m enjoying both aspects but the key is taking the time and being intentional and really present in the moments.

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