Journey 4 – Day 32 – One of those days

31 May

I’ve had one of those days. But not one of ‘those’ days, where things all seem to go wrong and make you think that the world and life is all against you. No, my one of ‘those’ days has left me profoundly and massively grateful and thankful for all that I have…. and not so much what I have purely in a material sense, but also very much in the sense of relationships, the organisation I work for and am part of, moments, meetings, my amazing family, comedy, great meetings and conversations, great stories and learning a lot. Being grateful for the opportunity of receiving as well as giving.

These journeys are teaching me so much. Yes I want to be real, honest and someone that lives with integrity. Some of the time that means getting angry, being real about disappointment, getting frustrated, being selfish and being lazy. But my desire and prayer is that my desired orientation towards gratitude, grace, restoration and moving forward come to the fore more and more. I can’t do that in my own strength. The inner work of transformation by God’s Holy spirit, being helped and made better by others and creating space to live from a place of reflection leading to action are for me the keys to a full life.

Thanks to family, friends, colleagues, writers, film makers, poets, storytellers, people who have hosted and shown incredible generosity. I am grateful and thankful for what you have brought to my life, what you have taught me, how you have inspired me and brought perspective. Thank you.


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