Journey 4 Day 25 – Small Steps and The Promise of Life

24 May

Having had some quite grand aims at the start of this week I have not been able to take any giant strides of generosity! No put pocketing or anything massively radical.

But I have been able to take some small steps. Buying the Big Issue, texting the value of the coffee I bought to a charity, Buying friends lunch, taking time to intentionally listen to someone, holding more doors open, praying for a community in Uganda, helping set up for an event, taking time out to think about motivations behind giving and seeking to give time to genuine rather than purely transactional relationships and having a good clear out and giving lots to a charity shop.

I don’t want to live my life and outwork generosity in a list/tick box manner, But having this focus and building generosity into life as a rhythm, an orientation is the way to go. Today we finished our weekly group discussion and prayer gathering focusing on Consumer Detox. We finished with this really helpful prayer and commitment, which I would love to build into my life more fully.

The Promise of Life

Because life is a gift, we live it thankfully
Savour what we have
Pray for what we need.
No longer hurried, distracted, or worried,
We’ll walk through each moment with God.

Because everything is a gift, we live with open hands,
Tread lightly on the earth
Share freely our homes and our things.
No longer restlessly chasing identity,
We’ll be known by our love not our logos.

Because giving is a gift we live generously,
Give ourselves deeply to family and community,
Give joyfully to those in need.
No longer caught in the consumer dream
We’ll invest our all in the kingdom of love.

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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Generosity, Journey 4


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