Journey 4 Day 16 – Foundations

15 May

” Build your life on 3 things, Humility, Generosity and Integrity” Rick Warren at the HTB Leadership conference from this Morning.

I began my day today in the simplicity, humility and depths of contemplative prayer and am ending it having spent a great evening with a bunch of great people who want to explore how they and a bunch of them from their church can go overseas and serve and learn. They welcomed me into their home with generosity, integrity and great humility. It was brilliant

In between that I have felt really blessed  and encouraged at work by people of Humility, Generosity and Integrity.

My simple act of generosity today was to encourage and support people and also keep open doors for people (not caring about whether it was PC or ‘old fashioned’ to do it… I just did it)

Had a great conversation with a great friend and colleague….. About generosity that is done with integrity and with humility.

A wow day. Thank you to so many people who have blessed me today and who have shown me that the way of Humility, Generosity and Integrity are the key to life, the rock on which we can build and go forward with in a way that will bring change for the good.

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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Generosity, Journey 4


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