Journey 4 – Day 12 – See for Yourself

11 May

See for yourself is an exciting and dynamic initiative from Tearfund. We’ve signed up as a family to support and journey with a community in Uganda. The dynamic thing about this is there is a real opportunity to interact with the community and the unfolding story through the regular updates and films. Its more than just about giving money but following a journey and being transformed ourselves as well as enabling transformation.

Poverty crushes hope and destroys communities – person by person, child by child. But the story doesn’t end there. Why? Because of the local church. In the midst of devastating poverty, you’ll find dedicated Christians serving God through prayer, practical support and a commitment to true transformation.

You can play a part in this. Commit to give a regular amount each month and you can see poor communities changed beyond recognition.

How does it work?

You choose a community to follow – either in Nepal, Peru or Uganda.

Tearfund will send  you a pack to introduce you to the people who live there.

Every month you’ll
receive emails and prayer updates.

Four times a year Tearfund will send you a short film.

Could you consider doing this?

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