Journey 4 Day 11 – Rhythms, Generosity and The Caterpillar Effect

10 May

“We live in Cocoons of our own making but the world around us is screaming for some kind of change. Tearfund Youth & Emerging Generation team challenges us to see beyond the comfort that we sought in order to make a difference.”

We look around us at a world full of injustice and want to do something. But often we just feel overwhelmed. We don’t know where to start or what to do.

Rhythms is a new initiative that can help us take small, everyday steps to change the way we live.

For now there is the Rhythms Village which is a brilliant space of lots of resources to get us thinking and inspired. Coming this summer is a phone app and web space to encourage us to go on four journeys/rhythms themes.


We all live in a cocoon, right? A little world of our own making. Changing our lives starts with breaking out of that cocoon. Get some perspective. Get inspired. Listen. Understand. Empathise. And let the world get to you a little bit more.


People in poverty are shouting but no one is listening. We have a platform and a megaphone just because of where we were born – so don’t let anyone stop you making their voices heard. Change your life and demand more for people living in poverty.


Sometimes it’s harder to share your favourite jumper than to give away a fiver. Really making our life about others can be a very tough challenge. Change your life and learn bit by bit to share more of what you’ve got.


Consumer-culture tells us to have more, more, and then some more! But more stuff means more change for the climate and more challenge for people in poverty. Change your life and be content with consuming less.

As I am on my Generosity Journey I am going to be aiming to put this Rhythm into action from Today.

The first of my 25 Generosity actions is called ‘Raise for Life’. It encourages us to give time and effort to raise money for a project to help to reduce poverty. We are doing this one as a family this week, as we are doing Live below the line. The aim and intention is to live on £1 a day for food and drink. Use the experience to reflect and learn and donate our underspend to Tearfund or one of the Live below the line partners. Its been an interesting experience so far. In the midst of the actions, but reflections will follow.


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