Journey 4 – Day 9 – Cheerful participatory giving

08 May

“We are not lifeless tools in Christ’s hand. Christ doesn’t bend our will; we don’t give against our will. We are not reluctant and grumbling servants of Christ. The indwelling Christ makes us willing givers. We are cheerful participants in Christ’s giving to the world.” Volf, Free of Charge, P51

Generosity as a creative, life giving, joyful, willing, natural, whole hearted, sacrificial way of being is a truly profound thing. Cheerful giving, giving that is real and has integrity!

This sort of generosity is beyond something just monetary and transactional (that is still good though, the money thing) and much more to a place of it being about character, disposition and natural orientation/willingness. I think that this outworking of generosity enables us to reflect profoundly something of the image and character of God. An expression of worship and profound love and the power to transform people and situations

I read a great blog today that spoke of this in terms of enabling us to build/enter into relationships that are beyond something that is purely ‘transactional’. In doing this we move beyond ‘What can you do for me?’ or ‘What can I do for you?’ and instead into something deeper and richer, more open.

Its the same with cheerful, genuine generosity. Giving because we want to, because we see a need and respond to it genuinely rather than because we feel we ought to.


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