Journey 4 – Generosity – Day 1 – Actions speak louder!

30 Apr

“We are at our human best when we give and forgive. But we live in a world in which it makes little sense to do either one. In our increasingly graceless culture, where can we find the motivation to give?”

Miroslav Volf from his book ‘Free of Charge’ 

This is the book that I have chosen to read and study to accompany my fourth journey in my 2012 adventure. Generosity however has to be lived out and practised as well as studied! So my big challenge is to live generously as well as think and reflect upon it. This will be a case of actions speaking louder than words!

However I think that generosity must be genuine. Who and what we are, and who we are becoming and seeking to be are so important. Genuine generosity is a profound and powerful thing. Having been on journeys of simplicity and humility its helpful and interesting that most of the reading I did in these areas ended up looking at these themes and advocating generosity as the true outworking of these qualities! So here we go! Bring on the adventure.

Some friends and colleagues of mine have launched a truly brilliant thing called Rhythms. The blog, also known as the Rhythms village, is live and the interactive action and 30 day themed journeys of generosity, advocacy and other themes are coming soon. Tools and inspiration to bring a genuine opportunity to create lifestyle rhythms, which the film at the top of this blog post highlights. Taking our everyday and ordinary living and offering it to God. Enabling transformation to take place. Thinking and living as a whole life disciple. Brilliant.

I am thankful for the many resources there are to help me with this journey. Generosity as a concept can seem overwhelming, but seeing it in a way that enables it to be lived out in really practical ways is so key.

There is also this generosity website that looks like it will be good for lots of ideas.

Actions Speak Louder!

So here I am. Exploring ways to practice generosity for 40 days. Hoping that as I build it into my life, I will find ways to live freely to be generous.

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