Journey 3 Day 31 – Revolution Pt 3 and How God Became King

20 Apr

The May edition of Christianity magazine features an article by N T Wright titled ‘How God became King’. Wright has also recently published a book of the same title.

In the article and book Wright explores the issue of whether we have interpreted the Gospels to narrowly and therefore arguably incorrectly. He focuses on the fact that many of the church creeds move to quickly from the birth of Jesus to his death. That we have not grasped the true extent of the life, teaching and minsitry of Jesus.

This engaging lecture, unpacks the thinking and thread of the book brilliantly.  Wright states, “we have often managed to miss the main thing that the gospels, all four of them, are most eager to tell us. What we need is not just a bit of fine-tuning, an adjustment here and there. We need a fundamental rethink about what the gospels are trying to tell us.” Using a metaphor of a sound system he argues that there are 4 perspectives or speakers that all need to be heard in harmony and adjusted to the correct level to enable us to hear and understand the gospels in the best way possible.

Wright remains unconvinced however that we should overly focus on Jesus as a ‘revolutionary’ . Whilst we need to listen to the radical, edgy, social revolutionary aspect of the gospel we have to set that all in the context of the wider story, and the other ‘speakers’ that bring the best overall balance and sound. However he does say that there is a much underplayed clash between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Caesar.

I’ve been trailing the Jesus the Revolutionary series by my friend Matt Valler and in this context am pleased to be able to flag up part 3 of the series.

I’m humbled by the compelling, challenging and thought provoking way in which both NT Wright and Matt Valler present an understanding of The Gospels and Jesus. There is much common ground as well as much to debate. I’m humbled by their gifts and passion to communicate, wrestle and think and respect greatly their work in this regard.

I’m looking forward to reading How God became King in full as well as think more deeply on the profundity that the 4 part series on Jesus bring.

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