Journey 3 Day 31 – Ceasing to speak for a week

20 Apr

Having taken some sidesteps in this journey with some additional non theme related blogs I wanted to get back on track.

I wanted to restate that I’m having mixed feelings about exploring and journeying in humility.

There have however been lots of positive things that have made this ‘journey’ worthwhile:

– Reading and reflecting on the brilliant Barefoot disciple book has been so helpful.

– Realising that I’m very humbled by many of the people (especially family, friends and colleagues) that I get to do life.  I’m feeling refreshed and renewed in many ways and it is beginning to inspire a greater thankfulness, gratitude and sense of possibility. 

– Discovering that humility is very closely linked with both simplicity and generosity that has given me a new understanding and a great launchpad for my next journey. 

– Rediscovering the profound humility of many of the people I have had the joy of meeting and learning from on my travels with Tearfund. But also being humbled and thankful for the many people I have learn’t from in the many 

I think ultimately that’s now my problem. I’m running dry of what else to say and reflect on….. so some action is now required!

One place of action I intend to start with is better, deeper, richer listening to others. I do love listening but know I still find it hard at times. This article stopped me in my tracks. How much keener am I to speak than to listen?

Do not be quick with your mouth, 
   do not be hasty in your heart 
   to utter anything before God. 
God is in heaven 
   and you are on earth, 
   so let your words be few. Ecclesiastes 5:2

The video at the top of this post is U2’s Unknown Caller. The lyrics say a lot really. The video also says a lot. Its to busy, to crowded for the sort of song it is both in terms of tempo and lyrics. Overload is not helpful. I’ve ironically reached that point and feel the need to stop this trend.

I feel that I have been really challenged by this journey. But I’ve also created to much output. Less is more!!

So I’m going to cease to speak! At least for a week. Fasting from blogging, comment and the like. Ceasing to speak and instead taking time to listen. I’ll wrap things up at the end of this journey on 29th April where I will launch into Journey 4, Generosity…. Which I think will be a much more practical outworking of what I have been learning on this challenging but worthwhile, perhaps even humbling journey.

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