Journey 3 Day 29 – Revolution Pt 2, 3 Themes and a sucker punch!

18 Apr

Matt Valler shares part 2 of his 4 part series ‘Jesus the Revolutionary’

In the midst of this journey I have had a profound moment of making a real connection between simplicity, humility and generosity (Generosity is the theme of my next journey starting at the end of this month). Humility that is not outworked into helpful, meaningful, relevant, generous and compassionate action is ultimately meaningless and and true humility at all. There is also a profound simplicity to generosity (when we get our motivation right) and a sense of being able to be generous when you can focus on simplicity.

I’m going to write more on this as this journey nears its end and the generosity journey begins. Stephen Cherry helpfully dedicates a whole chapter in his book about humility to the theme of ‘living generously’.

The 3 key themes from the chapter are:

1) We have a tendency to be to generous with our words and often say to much and act to little! Ouch!

2) We have a tendency to be very dependent upon material things and wealth to the point of it being unhelpful and in doing so it reduces our ability and desire to be generous – double ouch!

3) We are very confused about money and need to better understand our approach to it as well as be more generous with it! Triple ouch

They say the truth hurts, there are 3 sucker punches right here with this chapter, but I believe they are not knock out punches. The question is can I wake up from the 8 count and find a way back to enable more passionate, humble and generous living?

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Posted by on April 18, 2012 in Journey 3, Passion, theology


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