Journey 3 Day 27 – Righteous Complaint and Revolution Pt 1

16 Apr

“There’s a big difference between grumbling (which is essentially self-centred and negative, going in circles and leading nowhere) and righteous complaint (which is about justice, and has a positive directional vision-fuelled momentum). There’s a great biblical tradition of righteous complaint – “How long, O Lord?”. Grumbling leads inward and downward, righteous complaint leads to positive change.”

I am very thankful to my friend and church leader Dave Bookless for posting this comment in relation to my post of yesterday about the importance and validity of righteous complaint.

For more on this and a whole lot more, My friend and colleague, The brilliant Matt Valler has recorded a very helpful 4 part video series entitled ‘Jesus the Revolutionary’. Part 1 can be viewed below.

I’ve also been given a good book tip this week, The Forgotten Jesus and The Trinity you never knew (Reminds of another great book that enabled me to discover Jesus in a new way and had a big bearing on my life by Philip Yancey). It looks like a bit of an epic read, but it is rooted in seeking to explore how Jesus and indeed the trinity can be relevant for the challenges of the 21st Century.

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