Journey 3 Day 23 – No Grumbling

12 Apr

So here we go. A week of no grumbling or complaining. I think I’m going to find this really hard! I would say that I am a fairly content, positive and open person…. however I’m also aware that I am also complacent, restless and often am not as content as I think I am.

Driving, computers going slow, having to wait, things not going right, comparing myself to others, losing perspective, tiredness, kids playing up…. the list goes on and immediately I am aware that I have found it very hard to not grumble today.

When I did the Rice and Beans Challenge during my first journey, I became aware of how easy/tempting it was to grumble and complain.(and that was just from coming off Caffine) until I had a bit of a breakthrough. I realised that in spite of my travels, reading and seeking to empathise with those living in material poverty I really have so little idea of what it really means to be hungry, and therefore really very little to truly complain about. But its so hard not to do it!

I found myself discussing some stuff about whole life discipleship and living simply and with integrity. It shocked me and made me think about my motivations and intentions. Later today I got angry, frustrated and impacted by stuff today…. Poverty in Liberia, Violence in Syria, Tax Dodging in the UK and inequality. I also got angry at my ability to switch off, move on and get complacent.

Lord enable me to live and act justly, to seek your Kingdom and its values and to live more contendly and with greater passion.

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Posted by on April 12, 2012 in Journey 3


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