Journey 3 Day 17 – Good, Bad, Ugly Friday

06 Apr

“Here I Stand, Humbled by your Majesty” – Martin Smith, Delirious

You are God in Heaven and Hear am I on Earth. So I’ll let my word be few. I stand In awe of you. Matt Redman

Easter, The Cross, Jesus, all so profound and all so humbling. We have come to know it as Good Friday, but as many have said and many have questioned, would it not be better to call it bad Friday? Or perhaps even more so, ugly Friday. Especially if we view Mel Gibson’s depiction of the passion.

The humanity, humility and integrity of Jesus in Gethsemane, Before Pilate, At the Cross is inspiring and inspires awe, wonder, worship and a profound sense of wanting to follow him, discover, explore and be incredibly thankful.

I’m lost in wonder, lost for words, profoundly impacted by the story and how it plays out, I simply turn to the Gospel accounts, read, reflect and acknowledge the incredible humbling, sacrificial act of the cross.

Besides many people have reflected on this so well including this helpful post by Danny Webster called The Killing of a King.

Jesus, Thank you for the Cross, Thank you also for the life that you lived, so fully, so fully humanly, before this bad, ugly day in history.

Today I read scripture

Today I watch the Preston Passion

Today I pray and reflect

Saviour of the world, save us from our sin, our sadness, and our self-deception. Give us courage to live in a world we cannot fix with hope that it has already been redeemed. Amen Taken from Common Prayer a new and creative book on prayer. 

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