Journey 3 Day 14 – Good Pride

03 Apr

Barefoot Disciple dedicates a whole chapter to exploring pride and modesty and specifically explores the important difference between good pride and bad pride. This approach highlights the need to honestly embrace and celebrate achievements as well as failures, strength as well as weakness, if we are to continue in our walk as passionate humble disciples.

Here are just some of the many Gem’s about the importance of Good Pride. Be prepared for a few ouch moments as well as some encouragement, I’m still taking in the implications of these quotes.

“It is not arrogant or conceited to delight in your own achievements. That fault only arises if you think that those achievements make you better, more important, than the next person. They don’t”

“To follow Jesus we need to get over ourselves. We are, however, so deeply ego-centric and complicated that this will take quite a long time and a lot of help. To seek to develop patience and to begin to ask for help are the early steps on the journey to humility”

I want to be someone who is so much better at developing patience and take that humbling step to be able to ask for help more regularly and acknowledge my strengths as well as my limitations. But I’m also encouraged and spurred on by this quote.

“It is right for us to have a form of pride in who we are and what we have done. It is good to have enough confidence to live with dignity, relish enjoyment and be able to offer service, welcome and hospitality to others.”

Anything less than that is purely false humility and not living out life to the full and acknowledging who we are in God (John 10:10 and Psalm 139). But anything more, just as that first quote highlighted, strays dangerously towards arrogance and ‘Bad pride’, more of which tomorrow.



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