Journey 3 Day 9 – Learning to walk pt2

29 Mar

I am dedicating this post to my friends and colleagues who have taught me so much about walking well with passion and integrity. 

Although my simplicity journey has finished I am still reading and engaging with Consumer Detox. Today we were encouraged to ‘stop’. So my great friend and colleague came up with a genius idea for our group. We stopped work, took some time out to walk and pray and just enjoy being together! Sometimes getting tasks done are important, but mostly life is outworked in the context of relationship.

We also had to say goodbye today to a great friend and colleague who is moving on. His Legacy is immense. He really did walk the walk and talk the talk…. His energy and his integrity are incredible. At his leaving do today so many people spoke of his honesty, character, zeal for life, pastoral heart and many great gifts. He was full of life but also full of integrity and so genuine. A colleague said he has never met anyone with so much enthusiasm and so much integrity. He has also never known for anyone not to like him!

I am also thankful to another colleague who has been mentoring me since last summer while I have been doing a leadership course. His wisdom, listening, advice and encouragement, as well as some very helpful and probing questions have both taught me and enable me to walk with a bit more depth, character and integrity.

Finally thanks to another colleague who walks with such compassion, attentiveness and encouragement. Thank you for walking with me today and being there at the right time.

Then of course there is my wonderful family, church family and many other people who have walked with me in so many ways and in doing so have helped me to get a bit better at walking good.

God,  Thank you for family, friends, colleagues and all kinds of great people you have blessed me with in my daily walk that is life. Amen

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