Journey 3 Day 8 – Learning to walk Pt 1

28 Mar

One of the many joys and ‘landmark’ moments of being a parent is when your child is learning to walk and makes the transition and takes those first few steps! Its an amazing and profound moment. Having celebrated and had that ‘wow’ moment I remember reflecting on the struggle and the process of this great feat. There were certainly many attempts and many failures before success, but they did not give up despite the setbacks. They got up and tried again. A profound lesson in persistence, keeping going and therefore I guess humility.

I’m so aware as an Adult of how much harder it can be to try things, especially after a number or series of failed attempts and how this ‘failure’ can knock confidence and character. When does this attitude in us change? Why does it change? Its

“Humility is the virtue that allows people to take the risks and survive the humiliation. This is also integral to the task of learning discipleship” Stephen Cherry.

Having explored the idea of walking good in my last blog, I feel that I need to learn to walk again. To embrace greater risk and willingness to make mistakes along the way and learn more openly.

Exploring the concept of pilgrimage and walking barefoot, Stephen Cherry states ” I want to suggest Barefoot discipleship as a metaphor for passionate humility, a Christlike attitude that is down to earth, full of life, vulnerable and transformational”

I want to learn to walk again and walk good. To be willing to take risks, seek adventure and be willing to make mistakes, explore and discover and if I ‘Fail’ to have the grace and perspective to get up, laugh, dust myself down.learn and try again!

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Posted by on March 28, 2012 in Change, Journey 3


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