Journey 3 Day 6 – Walk Good

26 Mar

And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8)

“We can’t do justice or mercy unless we are already walking humbly with God” Joel Edwards

This much quoted text is something that I have come to take for granted. There is a problem with scripture when it becomes over familiar. It has the dangerous potential of losing its meaning, value and profundity. I think for me this is one of those verses that has become too familiar. I am keen to re-examine it and explore it afresh.

Joel Edwards who is International Director of Micah Challenge has written a brilliant article on this verse in the latest New Wine Magazine and titled it ‘Walk Good’.

In the article Joel refers to his Jamaican birthplace. The Jamaican equivalent of ‘Have a nice day’ is ‘Walk Good’. It can mean ‘have a good lifestyle’ and so the Jamaican translation of Micah might say: Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Good!

Refreshing or what! The potential of a transformed approach and way of thinking about Biblical humility. “Biblical  humility is not about putting ourselves down, denying our gifts or measuring ourselves against others. It’s about recognising that all the gifts and resources I have are there for others” Joel Edwards. 

The article talks about humility being a daily walk but a walk that is good and uplifting to others. I was struck when reading it about how the biblical approach moves us also very clearly into the practical of matters relating to work, relationships, marriage and many areas of our lives.

Edwards refers to Colossians, Philippians and Ephesians as key biblical books that begin with a glorified and exalted image of God (Col 1:15-20, Philippians 2: 5-11) but that they don’t stop there. These passages take us into the very practical areas of employment and relationships in that context.

Humility is something that is outworked rather than just an idea or concept to aspire to. Putting into action the resources and gifts we have to lift others up. To speak out and act on behalf and with those who may be broken, downtrodden and treated in way that is not how God intended it to be.

Lord may I humbly use my voice, time, resources and energy to ‘walk good’ today. May this walking impact upon my work, relationships and all the areas of my life. Amen

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