Journey 2 Day 40 – Journeys End Pt 2

20 Mar

Its the end of the Journey as we know it (And I feel fine… albeit very challenged, encouraged and also inspired….). I am fine with that as its a good place to be. Its a place that I shy away from. I have needed to be out of the comfort zone and seeking to be challenged. Its been hard but its been good, energising and really helpful. Balance, Rhythm, Grace and continuity are the keys now.

I have sought to simplify my life over these 40 days. In some respects its been successful with regard to food, time, money and decreasing consumption. In other respects by wrestling, reflecting and exploring its also been hard as its opened up great questions to explore in terms of motivation, what I am passionate about and the many why questions I have about God, Society and the world we live in today as active global citizens.

A former lecturer of mine very wisely once said that questions are vital and good, but they do need answers (not trite, contrived answers that leave you frustrated) but answers that bring clarity and different questions rather than the same old questions going round and just becoming stale bug bears that unanswered can poison, diminish and drain a person and their zeal for life.

A genuine Antidote to my wrestling and getting to complex and introspective about things and my life has been the journey I’ve been encouraged to be on within this journey.  A journey of profound gratitude and thanks. Its simple but its so important. Thankfulness,and developing it as a rhythm in life is so healthy. It brings so much perspective so much of the time!

Other highlights/things I’m thankful for on this Journey

  • The training and insight I had on delivering a simple, quick, creative talk. I learnt I could do a good 1 minute talk on whole life discipleship! Which for me is amazing as I am known for my tendency to waffle!
  • My ability to stick with a concept, take a simple framework and goal and keep to the plan
  • Learning a lot from doing the Consumer Detox course and reading the book.
  • The sheer amount of people, experiences and things that I am genuinely more thankful for.

And so Journey 2 ends. Journey 3 begins tomorrow. The theme for Journey 3 is Humility. It should be another adventure and challenge. I hope you will follow the blog as I explore this complex but I believe vital quality for life in today’s culture and society.

P.S. I am looking forward to being able to eat cake again! Esp on the day that it was announced our group at work are having another bake off in April and May!

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