Journey 2 Day 37 – Food and Friendship

17 Mar

Taking time out in the midst of the busyness of life is a vitally important and ultimately refreshing thing. Recreation in its fullest sense. It was helpful to be reminded of that today when reading the Consumer Detox blog on Sabbath. The words of Walter Brueggemann are profound and cut to the heart of the matter. Building in rest and refreshment as a rhythm of life is so key.

A good few years ago we got together with a group of friends and started something called GaFooFi (Games, Food, Film). The idea being to gather on a regular basis and share in the wonders of playing games, sharing meals and watching films. Our idea soon expanded to included creating our own games and widening the story aspect of films to real life and sharing and contributing to each others stories and lives in the times of joy, the times of sadness and the times of the mundane everyday stuff.

It was a great and very refreshing thing to take time out today with some of those friends, and our now expanding in number families, to stop and share fun, laughter, stories and food together.

The simplicity of doing this is simply that its important, refreshing and vital to life and what it means to be human. Thank you God for friendship and the gift of doing and sharing life with friends.

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Posted by on March 17, 2012 in Food, Journey 2


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