Journey 2 Day 35 – Wow Moments

15 Mar

Having taken some time yesterday to explore the complexity, costs and struggles of living simply I want to revert back to the theme of the past week on Gratitude and Thanks. Over the past few weeks I have had more ‘wow’ moments than I normally have. Taking a bit more time to stop, reflect and take this journey has made me so aware of just how much I have to be thankful for and for how many amazing people, stories, experiences and moments I’ve had not just recently but in the course of my life.

I know that we live in the now and also the not yet of God’s Kingdom and that what we see and have now is just a foretaste of what is to come. But even in the midst of many questions, struggles, hurts and frustrations there are still many ‘wow’ moments that give a really great foretaste of the Kingdom now as well as for the future. And that really is ‘wow’.

I have been struck and inspired by a quote in Consumer Detox where Mark Powley refers to a concept of ‘triple enjoyment’ developed by Miroslav Volf in his 2005 book ‘Free of Charge’. Its one of those quotes that the more you read it the more you go ‘Wow’. This is indeed a rich and full view of life.

” A rich self has a distinct attitude toward the past, the present and the future. It surveys the past with gratitude for what it has received, not with any annoyance about what it hasn’t achieved or about how little it has been given. A rich self lives in the present with contentment. It still strives, but it strives out of a satisfied fullness, not out of the emptiness of craving. A rich self looks to the future with trust. It gives rather than holding back in fear of coming out too short, because it believes God’s promise that God will take care of it. Finite and endangered, a rich self still gives, because its life is ‘hidden in Christ’ in the infinite, unassailable and utterly generous God, who is the Lord of the present, the past and the future”

(Romans 13:11-12, 2 Coriinthians 9:8, Colossians 3:3)

Simply WOW!

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