Journey 2 Day 33 – Stop

13 Mar

A Story of great inspiration

Today I had a truly amazing morning. I stopped to listen to a whole bunch of stories of transformation. One of which is in the video above. I stopped to think about the question of character. Who is it that we are becoming? And how in the whole of life, work included, this is vital to operate with integrity. Who we are, how we operate and where we find and outwork our identity is important. It was great to stop and hear about so many stories and signposts of hope. We then did this in the Context of Philippians Chapter 2. What a great passage of scripture to reflect on in the context of character, working together and laying aside agenda’s.

The third sermon in the Less Stuff More Life Series is also on the theme of Stop. Its a must listen unpacking the importance of Sabbath and its potentially positive implications for our lives.

There is also a great song (not by the spice girls or Erasure I might add) called Stop.

The problem and challenge I have is that stopping is often quite hard! When I do it I realise how important it is, how refreshing it is and how it puts so much into proper perspective. Action is often my more natural orientation and default response. There is a time for action. But oh how there is a time to stop and reorientate heart, mind and priorities.  I need to do this more.

Thank you God for opportunities, people, readings and stories that encourage me to stop and gain a true perspective of your world and your goodness.


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2 responses to “Journey 2 Day 33 – Stop

  1. Becca

    March 13, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    A lesson I am also struggling to learn…

    Whilst away last week someone had some pictures of ordinary objects and asked us to ask God to speak to us through one of them. I was immediately drawn to a whistle and recalled how teachers blow the whistle in a playground to stop playtime. I felt God very clearly saying to me ‘stop doing and just spend time being’.

    So the word ‘stop’ has stayed with me since then. And I am trying hard each day to find time to rest in God’s presence.

    I also found Mark’s sermon a great listen and very encouraging.

    • mattcurrey

      March 20, 2012 at 9:40 pm

      Thanks for the comment and the picture of stopping. I think so often its not one or the other but both/and but finding the best and appropriate way to go and also to stop. I was reading a set of reflections about the concept of the 3 mile an hour God, very profound, God is seeking us to be fast at times but also at times to slow down in order not to miss the beauty and profundity of life


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