Journey 2 Day 31 – Rest and Identity

11 Mar

When I was on my first journey I blogged about the importance of Sabbath and rest. I’ve been reminded today of its value and importance. Quality time with family, friends and just taking the time to stop, laugh, eat a great meal round the table, unwind and keep things simple is just great thing.

My earlier blog and the related article has this quote which for me feels very profound and something I’m still learning to put into practice and fully embrace.

“Sabbath is subversive – its sabotages a world obsessed with activity. Keeping the Sabbath detoxifies us from the false belief that our value is defined by what we do or what we produce”

A great friend reminded me afresh this week in a very profound way about the importance of rest and the importance of establishing my identity not by what I do or what I achieve but by who I am and most crucially who I am in Christ. Its only from that place of true identity that I can then spring into action.

The ethos and significance of this is brilliantly put by Andy Flannagan in his song, Bring Heaven to Earth Lord.

We are blessed, to bless a world in pieces
We are loved, to love where love is not.
We are changed, to be the change you promised
We are freed, to be your hands, O God

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