Journey 2 Day 28 – Simple Communication

08 Mar

Today I have had the privilege of being part of a training day on Effective Communication. It was Brilliant. Lots of tools, resources and guidance about how to deliver better talks and training. We had to deliver a short talk to Camera and have it critiqued. We had to give a 1 minute talk. We explored lots about formulating a good idea and making it stick. We learn’t about a FOAM talk. Facts, Opinion, Anecdote and Metaphor.

Simplicity is the Key. Its amazing how a short quote/statement or insight that is delivered well or is just very profound can have such an impact. We reflected on the fact that many stand up com

Milton Jones, one such comedian, has written a profound and very witty book called 10 second sermons which illustrates the point so well. Here are a few samples.

“Christianity is like a Cornish pastie. There’s something in it, but sometimes its difficult to find out what it is”

“Weak leadership results in the bland leading the bland”

“There are lots of versions of the Bible. AV, NIV, RSV…The easiest to use is the PVC version – you can stretch it to say whatever you want”

There are also some things that are simply wrong. Today is International Women’s Day. My friend and colleague was today representing Restored which is a movement to help end violence against women at a Downing street reception event focused on key issues.

Its simply wrong that so many women are treated violently and without respect. Its simply wrong that so many women are still denied basic rights and opportunities. Resolution may not be simple, but we can take a simple action in solidarity with the people who experience this terrible injustice.


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