Journey 2 Day 24 – Gratitude Pt 2

04 Mar

Having found it hard to make my list of all the things I own, I am actually really glad that I did. It has enabled me to think more widely than just ‘stuff’ and think about all of the things that I don’t own but are in my life as a gift and a great blessing.

Contentment is a hard thing. I sometimes feel I am to content and that leads me to being to complacent and comfortable. I am also aware how I can move to the other extreme of losing sight of what I can be thankful for and content for. So this weekend has been good. I have stopped and intentionally been thankful for not only what I have in terms of what I own but more importantly, the people and many other things in my life that I don’t own but who I feel very thankful for.

The challenging part of the ‘list’ cranks up this week in exploring Mark Powley’s other questions.

How can I use what I ‘have’ to make a contribution to the Kingdom of God?

Do I need what I have and could/should I consider selling/giving away anything I own?

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Posted by on March 4, 2012 in Journey 2, lent


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