Journey 2 Day 22 – Gratitude and Thankfulness

02 Mar

The Consumer Detox Challenge is getting harder, more personal and even more challenging as indicated by today’s blog post that invites us to make a life inventory and list all that we own. Its hard in itself as its really hard to remember everything and its taken me quite a while to list everything. Looking at my list I am stunned and slightly shocked about just how much stuff we own as a family.

Its also hard as I have also been reading chapter 3 of the Consumer Detox book that links in with this theme. Just by owning that book, having a car, having access to the clean water that I take for granted

The theme of this subject is also put very profoundly by Rob Bell in his Nooma Film called ‘Rich‘. The film pulls no punches and tells us like it is, that really so many of us, even if we don’t feel it, are actually really rich! Its a profound and brilliant film.

But before facing into that challenge more profoundly we are encouraged to first and foremost not feel guilty and to actually take some time, maybe even intentionally for a day or even a few days to walk in gratitude and take time to be deeply Thankful and express Gratitude for what we do have.

I’m very thankful and grateful for my family, friends and colleagues. I’m also very thankful for the many things that I do have that add value and quality to my life. The more I think about it, I’m thankful for so much but aware of just how little I express that and acknowledge it! I slip into assuming and taking for granted what I have.

All this week Tearfund’s Chief Executive, Matthew Frost, has been blogging from Haiti as he’s on a trip there, just over 2 years on from the devastation of the earthquake. Its been humbling, profound and amazing to be introduced to so many people and stories of hope and gratitude in the face of great adversity. It takes me back to my time in Malawi 3 years ago. The sense of gratitude, community, welcome and contentment in deeply rooted simplicity, family and community was a very profound and humbling experience.

Gratitude and Thankfulness are so simple and so profound and so this weekend I intend to keep things simple and be grateful and thankful. On Monday I will pick up the themes that Mark Powley is challenging us on beyond gratitude into an equally deeper reflection on how to move from gratitude to generosity and how to hold onto what we own more lightly. Now that feels quite daunting, so for now its all about the gratitude.

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