Journey 2 Day 19 – Thorns

28 Feb

Less Stuff, More Life is the ‘strapline’ of the Breathe Network. Its also the series title for a set of 5 talks being given by Mark Powley (Author of Consumer Detox) over Lent to link up with the Consumer Detox course running over lent.

The First Talk is titled ‘Thorns’ and can be heard here.

Just like the I am a Consumer Confession I made a week ago, The subject and title is equally inspiring and daunting. The first talk is based on Mark Ch 4 v 1-20. The Parable of the Sower.

What is our biggest Danger? Is it the Thorns? Do we live in an age of Thorns? If we do then how can we ‘breakout’ of that, especially in thinking about Consumerism. Verses 18-19 is quite key here. Do the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth prevent us from living a truly radical life of faith and dependence on God?

The talk explores these themes and gives us some things to think, and act upon. I really appreciated the honesty with which Mark talks, making me realise just how often I am to reluctant to embrace the honesty and mundane aspects of life. I’m feeling challenged by this talk to become a more honest person. I admit that I far to often live in the ‘cycle of anxiety’ rather than the ‘cycle of trust’ and far to often compare myself and my situation with others rather than cherishing what I do have in terms of family, work, church, wealth and opportunities.


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Posted by on February 28, 2012 in Journey 2, lent, Money, theology


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