Journey 2 Day 18 – Small Steps

27 Feb

Over the weekend I was reminded of the value and significance of taking small steps and actions to enable kindness, love, justice and compassion to be lived out and made meaningful in everyday life.

The Consumer Detox Blog, reminds us of this today.  Buying Fair Trade, Taking the time to stop and thank someone, helping someone carry a buggy up some stairs, giving time or money to something, all quite small things but they can be so easily forgotten and are essential and ‘do able’ without much effort.

Small steps can then of course lead to bigger one’s, but just like riding a bike or learning to walk, its best to start small and start with something that can be achieved and work up, rather than overstretch or just find the big step to daunting and end up doing nothing.

My small steps today – Eat fair trade and local food, take time to stop and chat and think about how we can save money over Lent to give a bit more away.

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Posted by on February 27, 2012 in Journey 2, lent, Money


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