Journey 2 – Simplicity – Day 1

10 Feb

Your Journey toward a richer, simpler, more generous life. Consumerism is everywhere. It shapes the way we eat, shop, rest, think, love and believe. We can’t escape it, but how can we live well in the midst of it?

This is the opening line and question to introduce the book Consumer Detox by Mark Powley, Founder of the Breathe Network. Its a question I intend to explore and wrestle with in my 2nd Journey of this year into simplicity and a simple lifestyle. If I am honest I am both inspired and daunted by the prospect.

I’m so aware that my life is full, but is it fulfilling? There is a desire for simplicity and clarity, and yet life is also complex and messy. That’s what is brilliant about Consumer Detox. The Honesty, The Humour, The sense of being able to fess up and say…. ‘I am a Consumer’. Its not a quick fix guide, with 50 top tips for how to live a more simple and fulfilled life, but a chance to honestly explore how living in the reality of the complex consumer driven 21st Century world need not be one journey just dominated by Promotion, Product, Price and Place!

This book is not about guilt.  It’s about life. It is a gift to be able to stand up and say with Powley, “I am a recovering consumer.”  Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution and Jesus for President

I’m going to be returning to Consumer Detox and also Tearfund’s Carbon Fast (Where I will have to give up using the car except for any emergency or absolutely essential Journey’s so bike and public transport here I come!) for Lent (22nd Feb – 7th April) to help me along the way in this journey and also the next (Humility). There is a 7 week Lent Course on Consumer Detox and also a Blog that will run alongside the course, as well as weekly talks, It looks like being a very helpful and challenging experience.

As well as these two brilliant and helpful things I’ve decided to create a ‘Simplicity Charter‘ to enable me to live at least a little more simply on this journey. It proves to be a challenge and an adventure. Just as the rice and beans challenge highlighted just how little I really understood about what it really feels to be hungry, I sense that this journey will challenge me about just how little I understand about simplicity, contentment and being satisfied with enough. I’m taken back again to the simplicity, generosity and energy that I experienced in all of my travels with Tearfund to date and the amazing lessons I learnt and need to go on learning in the art of contentment and simplicity.


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2 responses to “Journey 2 – Simplicity – Day 1

  1. Dave Bookless

    February 10, 2012 at 9:42 am

    Hi Matt, great stuff! Be good to also point folks to and, also to Ruth Valerio’s superb book ‘L is for Lifestyle’.

  2. mattcurrey

    February 11, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Thanks Dave, Will do, really great to have these recommendations, thanks for the encouragement and the links.


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