Journey 2 – My Simplicity Charter

09 Feb

The Simplicity Charter 10th February – 20th March 2012

Tomorrow is the beginning of my Simplicity Journey. This is my Charter to enable me to live more simply over the next 40 days.


No Snacking – Only 3 meals a day and no treats, snacks, crisps, cakes etc

No Sweets/PuddingsOnly Fruit after meals

Yes to SimpleNot overindulging, Keeping portions small and meals simple. More Fruit and Veg and Less Meat!


Work – To work smartly, with integrity and energy and to not overwork

Rest – To switch off (literally) at night and seek to sleep much better.

Play – To Cherish Family, Friends, Laughter and Do (Much) More Exercise!


Stopping – No purchasing Music, Books, Papers and any treats. Essentials only.

Saving – Recognising the savings from this and being Generous with the savings

Glitch TaxIf I fail on the stopping then taxing any purchase at 20% and giving the Money to Tearfund.


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