Journey 1 Day 40 – One step, 40 Days

08 Feb

And so I have reached the first milestone in my 2012 Journey. The final day of Journey 1 exploring creativity. I’ve used this image as I am embarking upon 9 themed journeys and sometimes think what on earth am I doing…. But then I remember just how significant and adventurous my actual journeys have been to Malawi, India, Russia and Kenya with Tearfund and how I am also seeking for my themed journeys to also have significance and adventure. I’ve only taken a very small step in this journey, but as I step to the next Journey of Simplicity I am encouraged and excited about what is still to come and the significant adventures and discoveries that lay ahead.

I may not have ‘created’ as much as I hoped I would when I set out on this first venture, but there have been many highlights including:

  • Completing the Rice and Beans challenge and contributing to the work of Tearfund as well as discovering just how little I really know about what it feels and means to be truly hungry.
  • Discovering the value of being ‘fully present’ in the moment and being able to give my all and my energy to that one thing or moment…. Its so key and I have got a long way to go to get there still with this!!
  • Rob Bells frankly brilliant film and book ‘Drop like stars’ exploring the connection between suffering and creativity. The Art of elimination and so many pearls of wisdom, It deeply resonated with me as well as made me laugh. Two key things for a truly fulfilling life!
  • Cakes, Baking and Food – A key area of expressing creativity and looking forward to exploring and practising this more in my future hospitality journey.
  • The importance of preparation and also freedom in leading and playing in sung worship.
  • The discovery that creativity cannot and must not be limited to the things that I more/most naturally associate them with e.g. writing, music, art etc.
Thanks for taking the time to read, comment and like the blog posts. Thanks for sponsorship and encouragement during rice and beans and I hope you will continue to enjoy and engage in these reflections.

Next Stop….. Simplicity!!

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