Journey 1 Day 38 – Lifestyle and Creativity

07 Feb

I thoroughly enjoyed (as well as being challenged by) session 4 of the excellent inside out course today on the theme of lifestyle, lead brilliantly by the superb Matt Valler who is a great friend and someone who is really thinking (and creating) a lot in a brilliant way on the subject of lifestyle. This film is another taster of things to come with the Rhythms project.

What gave me real excitement and hope is the profundity and brilliance of Jesus’ words in John 10:10 in him saying that he came that we might have life and life in all its fullness. The whole of life is important and all of it can be seen as a way of living and expressing worship to God. The seemingly small things are just as vital as the seemingly big things. The teacher at school is just as important as the Sunday school leader at church.

This session of the course focuses a lot on the importance and validity of the whole of life. Mark Greene from LICC has written an excellent short book on this theme called The Great Divide. Its an excellent and really helpful way of helping us to rethink about what we do and what we don’t prioritise and how we can be fooled into living our lives in very divided and boxed in ways rather than viewing all of life holistically.

Its a really helpful time to be reminded of this and to think about this as I embark upon my simplicity Journey in 3 days from now where I will be ably helped in my journey by Breathe’s Consumer Detox and also Tearfund’s Carbon Fast. I would whole heartedly recommend checking out these resources and taking the chance to do at least one of them over lent.

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Posted by on February 7, 2012 in Journey 1


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