Journey 1 Day 28 – Autumn Days (In Winter)

28 Jan

Friends, Family, Good Food, George wearing a silly hat, Norwich Winning, A great time in the Local Library, Playing in the Local Park, Reading stories, Reading Tim Keller, Home made Pesto, A Drumstick Lolly,  Fabulous Sunshine, Deep belly laughs, Amazing Apple Juice, (My Autumn Days Moment of thankfulness and Gratitude as an ode to my day).

Sometimes I am so aware of how I can make things overly complicated. Complexity, shades of Grey and deep pain and anxiety are things that I embrace and acknowledge are a part of life. I’m mindful of family, friends and distant connections who are all embracing pain and difficulty at this time. I acknowledge that and stand with them in this.

However I also want to be real about the joys, simplicity and brilliance of life and feel that today is one of those ‘Autumn Day’s’ moments!

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Posted by on January 28, 2012 in Food, Journey 1, Play


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