Journey 1 Day 26 – Inspiration and Possibility

26 Jan

Its been one of those days….. no, not the kind that can leave one feeling down in the dumps and questioning your value and existence, but one that has reignited joy, hope, possibility, the chance to dream and to be freshly inspired.

It started with Anne Atkins thought for the day on being a committed, loving, don’t hold back amateur and also some brilliant early morning conversations at work over Coffee. Which included a very interesting tip about an ancient book called The Gift.

People, projects, possibilities have also all contributed to making this a day to be thankful for.

London School of Theology has also really inspired me today. First and foremost through their brilliant and updated magazine called Insight. The latest edition is full of some great articles and it been brilliantly (re)designed. They have also inspired me with their approach and flexibility with course modules and seeking to draw a wide range of people into being part of a community to share life and faith together in dynamic and creative ways.

Then tonight I’ve been inspired my preparations for speaking on Psalm 34 and also challenged by this rather stop you in your tracks film about destiny and living a truly fulfilled life. I’m not sure I agree/resonate with all of the language and perhaps even approach of all of it, but its pretty inspiring and humbling stuff. I love the stuff about The Well and also the sheer diversity of approaches taken to bring hope where there is hopelessness.

Inspiration and Possibility…. words…… but also creating the possibility of life being lived in all its fullness. Psalm 34 talks about being ‘delivered from fear’ (v4), that we can taste and see that the Lord is good (v8) and that whatever our ‘cry’ (v15) God is attentive to it and can redeem and restore us to a newness and fullness of life. Life is never going to be easy, always fun and always good. However, even in the midst of pain and anguish there is hope and reason for enabling us to trust in the goodness and love of God.

Inspiration and Possibility. I’m in for the ride! I’ve only got 2 weeks of this Journey left and so far I’ve not created that much in the sense of songs, poems and outworked receipes…. But I have created space to think, explore, reflect and it takes me back to one of my original posts and comments that Creativity can and must be reimagined and cannot be boxed into just producing things but also its to be seen in a much wider sense!


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