Journey 1 Day 24 – Consumer Detox An Invite

24 Jan

Although I am still embarking on Journey 1, Journey 2 (Simplicity) is not far off and I wanted to flag up a great opportunity (which enables some creativity and community activity)

This is an invitation to take part in the 2012 Lent Consumer Detox.

The Detox blog and  details are available here. It includes:

  • Creative and challenging small group activities, with Bible discussion suggestions
  • Inspiration from a daily Lent blog and online talks
  • Or read through Consumer Detox by Mark Powley (Zondervan 2010)
The Lent Consumer Detox has been compiled by Breathe, a Christian network for simpler living ( The aim is to help people live simpler, richer, more generous and less consumerist lives. This Lent we would like to invite you to go on a Consumer Detox, or to consider letting others in your church know about it.

 “Consumer Detox tackles one of the most important challenges facing Christian discipleship in the west today. If the church took this agenda seriously, it could make a big difference.”

Dr Graham Tomlin, Dean of St Mellitus College, author of The Provocative Church

Hope you can find a way to join in.

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